Hidden Sicily
Alfa Romeo Giulia

The Alfa Romeo Giulia,
a classic car that made history and still appeals to the imagination.

On june 27 1962 on the circuit of Monza, the Giulia TI was introduced as the successor of the Giulietta. The design was by Orazio Satta Puliga and despite its "boxy" appearance it had a lower air resistance than its contemporary the Porsche 911.

The engine's structure wasn't changed in relation to the one in the Giulietta but through some modifications the engine output was raised. In it's final incarnation the car featured two double horizontal Weber 40 DCOE carburetors which brought the top speed to 175 km/h for the 1600 version.

The most significant improvement in relation to the Giulietta however was roadability. The combination of rear wheel drive and the magnificent adhesion make the Giulia a fantastic car to explore Sicily. Hidden Sicily's Alfa Romeo Giulia Nuova Super, a classic with comfort and liability of a modern car.

All Alfa Giulia's Hidden Sicily offers are of the latest type, the Super Nuova. Standard equipped with disk brakes all around, two double Weber or Delorto 40mm carburetors and some more features that ensure a smooth and easy driving experience for whoever drives the car.

Besides that all cars are featured with a tripmaster, an odometer with accuracy up to 10 meters known from the rallyworld. In combination with the instuctions in the roadbook it will lead you to spots to which a modern satellite navigation would never be able to get you to.

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