Hidden Sicily
Wonderfull Sicily

Here are some of the events Hidden Sicily has programmed in the nearby future.

Spring 2019 it is time for the SiSicilia again. The 8-days rally in equips of 2 in which you can participate with your own car or one of our classics. We will start in Palermo at the famous Grand Hotel et des Palmes and will be driving on the Targa Florio circuit as well.

What the SiSicilia is all about and how to book you can find here.

With Petrolheads and Michelinstars at the end of October 2019 you will eat in 8 of the best restaurants in Sicily in 8 days. The route connecting the restaurants you will be driving in your own car following your personal, custom-made roadbook.

Drive and dine with us, this is what it's all about.