Hidden Sicily
La dolce vita in a Fiat Spider

La dolce vita is guaranteed when touring around the Italian island with the Fiat 124 Sport Spider of Hidden Sicily.

Driving around "topless" has always been great, which is why we added some Spiders to our carpark. Cruising along the boulevard at sunset or on a slow drive trough the Portapalo shopping street, picturing yourself in a movieset is not very hard.

And of course Hidden Sicily's Fiat 124 Spiders are equipped with a tripmaster. So seamlessly following the instuctions in the roadbook is as easy as kissing.

The cars technical features are immaculate and up to date so it is possible for everyone to enjoy driving the car to the max. The only detail to keep in mind is the limited size of the boot. Two pieces of cabin luggage will fit snugly as will two small duffelbags. So packing wisely is a must.

A bit of history. In 1966 the Fiat 124 Sport Spider was presented to the press on the Turin motorshow. The Pininfarina design guaranteed a well-shaped convertible. Minor but interesting detail; the design of the cabrio- top was from Tom Tjaarda, a Dutch designer living in the United States in those days.

All Hidden Sicily's 124 Spiders are the first or second european type so no plastic but only stylish and elegant chrome bumpers here.

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