Hidden Sicily
Ben Hofman

Ben Hofman, Hidden Sicily, how did it ever come to this?

After more than 7 years of experience in organizing tours, Hidden Sicily has become a renowned point of reference in Sicily. While exploring the island and programming the itineraries I collected a lot of information on restaurants, hotels, little bars, museums, hidden beaches and all sorts of other stuff about the island. What started as organizing road trips with the vintage Alfa Romeo Giulia slowly but surely became a walking encyclopedia and an accurate and up to date intermediary for whatever you are looking for on Sicily.

Still today, organizing the road trips in the vintage cars is my main occupation. Besides that I am organizing train trips, honeymoons and all other sort of projects on the Italian island.

A wedding in Montalbano style, a two nights stay in Taormina combined with seeing the opera Norma in the ancient Greek theater? Sleeping in a hut on mount Etna, a language or cooking class in Menfi? Anything. We can also help you with information about the timetable for the bus from Catania airport to Licata for example.

Hidden Sicily is still very small scale, and we want to stay like that. It is just that we, bit by bit try to offer some more diversity.