How it all started…

From the age of 16, I almost always went on vacation in Italy. As often and as long as possible. La Vita e Bella, or La dolce vita, I loved it. The fascination for Italy has remained and I have been living and working in Sicily for many years now, it still feels wonderful! The love for vintage cars started long before I even had a drivers licence. A long time ago on holiday in Orvieto I spotted an Alfa Romeo Giulia. The decision was made, I had to have one of those! Many years later I bought my first Giulia 1300, Blu Olandese. Still today that Giulia is one of the cars I drive during my trips around Sicily.

Toet toet


My love for Italy, good food and good cooking and passion for Italian vintage cars, eventually 13 years ago made me start 13 years ago with Hidden Sicily. The final push was in 2009, writing and taking pictures for the 100% Sicily travel guide. Leisure miles, driving around in an Italian vintage car on this wonderfull island. A trip to the most beautiful spots, stunning but small hotels and unforgetable restaurants. That's what it should be. Small scale, individual, tailor made and at the highest standard. And I did it, and I still love doing it every day.

Perfect combination

At Hidden Sicily, as a travel-loving customer, you end up with a small travel organization that organizes tailor made tours in Sicily. The linchpin and backbone of the company is me, Ben Hofman. As a Dutchman, I have been living and working in Sicily for 12 years and that is where Sicily a la carte clearly stands out from other tour operators. The combination of someone who has and knows the same punctual mentality of the customer, but also lives in Italy and thus has learned to deal with the charming but far from organized Sicilian mentality is unique. It is precisely this combination that ensures that you can fully enjoy the pleasures of the island, carefree and in complete freedom!

BenHofman in de Fiat 124 Spider

Own experience

I myself slept and had breakfast in all hotels, ate in all restaurants and explored all the roads for you, from boulevard to dirt road. Every year again I drive around the island for as long as I can in one of the Fiat 124 Spiders or a Giulia to find new spots, where I can send you or to check out the ones I allready found so they will still stand up to the standards. And to be honest I also do it because I like it!

Everything you will find in the trips offered by Hidden Sicily is therefore seen, tested and approved. When you have a question and mail or call us, you will get me, Ben Hofman, will respond to you personally.

Obviously I cannot do it all by myself. With the help of hotel owners, local mechanics, chefs, guides, and let's not forget the old people on the church square and many others we are able create the most stunning experience. With the help of all of them for 12 years now I only see happy guests turning back home. Guests who come back for a second or even a third time. How beautiful is that?

Have you become curious about Sicily and would you like to discover this beautiful, intriguing Italian island in an Italian vintage car? Send us a mail or give us acall and we will make it an unforgettable travel experience!

Best regards, Ben Hofman