Make a road trip on Sicily driving an Italian classic car

• A choice of three different, tailor made roadbooks with itineraries in rally like tulip style

• Choose between two types of Italian vintage cars, an Alfa Giulia or a Fiat 124 Spider in which you will be driving around the island

• Personal tranfers to and through the airport

• A midweek or weekend Baroque including a fabulous dinner starts at
€ 1370,- for two

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Rondreis Sicilie de routes

In more than ten years of organizing road trips, Hidden Sicily has become a point of reference for the island. While planning the itineraries we gained a heap of information about restaurants, bars, special spots and much much more. Information that you will find in the road book and reflected in the choice of accommodations we will book for you.


Baroque Sicily

• 700 kilometres • 8 nights • 3 dinners

Rondreis Sicilie de routes

Upon your arrival in Catania you will be picked up by Hidden Sicily and brought to your first four or five star hotel where you are expected for dinner by candle light.

The next day you will be taking the scenic route south, over Mount Etna to arrive in Modica with its numerous restaurants, alleys and stairs in the evening sun. If time is on your side, in the roadbook you will find an additional Montalbano-tour taking you to Scicli and Ragusa.

The next stop is near Noto Antica. Noto is on the Unesco World Heritage list and the top restaurants make visiting the town a must. If you want a more relaxed stay, the hotel pool, the beach and Marzamemi's picturesque terraces will satisfy your needs.

If you have even more time to spend you might opt for one or two nights in Siracusa with its rich historical past before heading back to Catania.

Nine days Baroque Sicily starts at € 2450,- for two guests in a double bedroom.

Sicily Classic

• 1200 kilometres • 12 nights • 4 dinners

Rondreis Sicilie de routes

Immerse yourself for twelve days in authentic Sicily. Little dirt roads that take you to the Roman Temples near Agrigento for example. But there will also be teme for the Italian kitschen, wine and beaches.

Start of the trip in near Mount Etna from where you will be heading west direction Castelbuono, the famous Targa Florio circuit and picturesque Cefalù.

The most west stop is at Baglio di Pianetto, with its wonderfull wines and olympic size swimming pool, on a stone's throw from Monreale and Palermo. Passing Corleone on your way you will be driving south to the Valle dei Templi near Agrigento, a must on a classic tour.
Next on the program are the baroque cities like Modica, Scicli and Ragusa. Last stop on the route is the charming town of Siracusa. The fish market, the classic Greek theatre but also its lively bars and good restaurants make it the perfect place to end your roadtrip through Sicily.

12 days Classic Sicily starts at € 3270,- for two.

Sicily Gran Turismo

• 1700 kilometres • 16 nights • 5 diners

Rondreis Sicilie de routes

In more than two weeks you will explore a large part of the island. From mount Etna to oriental Marsala, from the capital Palermo to the fishing village of Marzamemi.

From the northeast coast of Sicily and Mount Etna you will be driving to Castelbuono and Cefalù on the north coast. From there on you head for the islands capital of Palermo stopping for two days at de Baglio di Pianetto on a stone's throw of Monreale.
After Palermo you will be staying on the beach in Alcamo Marina. Via the little fishing village of Castellammare and the archeological site of Segesta the next stage ends in the arab feeling town of Marsala on the islands west coast.

A senic route through the inland takes you to Montallegro and Agrigento on the south coast. Next on the menu are Modica and Scicli where you can enjoy the Sicilian cuisine, the local wine and the baroque architecture in the evening sun. Siracusa again is the worthy and of your road trip to Sicily.

17 days Sicily Gran Turismo starts at € 4350,- for two.

A weekend Sicily

Feel like getting away from all the fuzz for the weekend? Looking for an trip for the yearly reunion with your schoolmates. A midweek or weekend Baroque should do it.

Rondreis Sicilie de routes

Sleeping in this little five star hotel, eating fish on the beach, shop in Taormina or wander through Noto or Modica in the afternoon.

And of course you will be getting all the looks driving the vintage car over mount Etna or up and down the boulevard. A few days of La dolce vita!

Three nights Baroque Sicily including a fabulous dinner and cruising around in a vintage car which in the end you want to buy starts at € 1370,- for two.



The Alfa Romeo Giulia, the classic that continues to appeal to your imagination

• 100 bhp • 175 km/h • 1600 cc • 2 dubbele Weber carburettors

Rondreis Sicilie Fiat 124 Spider

No doubt stories about the car in which both Carabinieri and the delinquenti were driving pop up. Everywhere you stop, admiration for the car is expressed and people want to have a chat. There is no inconspicuous driving with the Alfa Giulia.
The car is a bit adapted to modern times and equipped with a trip master, a speedometer known from the rally world, that is accurate up to 10 meters. This way you can follow the tulips in the roadbook flawlessly and can Hidden Sicily take you to places and along roads that you would have never found with modern satellite navigation.

The Fiat 124 Sport Spider, la dolce vita on Sicily

• 90 bhp • 165 km/h • 1600 cc • cabrio

Rondreis Sicilie Fiat 124 Spider

Driving "topless" is fantastic and should therefore not be missing from our range. Touring along the boulevard during sunset or just driving through the shopping street of Pozzallo with the Fiat 124 Spider you immediately imagine yourself in a movie.

Also in the convertibles a trip master to easily explore the unknown roads in Sicily. As the boot of the cars are rather small neat packing is a must. But two pieces of hand luggage or small soft shell suitcases will fit.


The second edition of our wine tour will take place from Wednesday the 13th until Tuesday the 19th of October 2021

• 7 wineries • 6 nights • 4 dinners • nocturnal grape harvest

Wijn Rondreis Sicilie

This year again we will be staying at the east side of the island. We will be visiting the Etna region, with its Burgundy stile red wines, the Ragusa and Noto region with their Cerasuolo and Nero d'Avola.

Same as last year we will paticipate in a nocturnal grape harvest. Only this time it is going to be at the end of the trip, on mount Etna.

Costs for this 7-day wine tour are € 2260,- per equip of 2. That includes the use of one of our classics, 6 nights' accommodation, transfer, cantina visits, nocturnal grape picking, 4 dinners and last but not least your personal roadbook specially made for this trip.
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